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Has your child been injured due to the actions or negligence of another? Did the injuries disrupt your child’s life, schooling, physical and mental health? If so, depending on the circumstances of the accident or negligent act you, and your child, may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. It is a wise move to discuss your case with our injury attorneys handling child injury claims.

Please do not hesitate to click here to arrange a free case evaluation regarding your child’s case. With an office in Houston, Texas and satellite offices nationwide we can absolutely help you and your family through this very trying ordeal. Our child injury lawyers will not stop fighting for your child and obtain them any and all benefits and sources of financial compensation they are entitled to.

Types Of Child Injury Claims We Handle

Our child injury attorneys help injured children and their families no matter how they were injured and, in some very tragic cases, killed. Examples are:

Auto accidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, tractor trailer accidents, mass transit accidents, boating accidents, bike accidents, ATV accidents and SUV rollover accidents.

Drunk driving accidents caused by alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs and over the counter medications.

Mass tort claims resulting from being exposed to products such as Roundup weedkiller, Accutane, other medications, faulty toys, defective furniture and flawed medical devices.

Medical malpractice and medical negligence as a result of a cancer misdiagnosis, medical misdiagnosis, inaccurate diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, surgical error, medication errors, birth injuries and labor and delivery injuries.

Pedestrian accidents such as crosswalk accidents, intersection accidents, bicycle accidents, skatepark accidents, sidewalk accidents and accidents occurring while exercising such as biking, jogging, rollerblading, etc.

Wrongful death brought on by car accidents, trucking accidents, swimming pool accidents, premises liability, child abuse, child sexual abuse, daycare abuse and medical negligence.

No matter what happened to your child please connect with our catastrophic injury lawyers handling child injury lawsuits nationwide.

How Our Attorneys Handling Child Injury Claims Can Help You

Accident and injury claims typically go like this: the accident occurs resulting in injury to your child. The liable parties insurance carrier is made aware of it one way or another as is your own insurance provider be it auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, premises liability insurance, etc. Money is immediately set aside by the insurance carrier and you get approached by an adjuster with an offer for a very hasty lump sum settlement. In these cases the offer benefits the insurance carrier and by no means your child or your family.

By accepting the settlement you sign away your rights for any future claims for benefits, property damage, financial compensation for damages, losses, pain and suffering. Following any type of injury to your child you should get them medical care immediately. From there you should research how a personal injury lawyer handling child injury claims and child accident lawsuits can help you. Our child accident attorneys have many years experiencing getting our clients, both children and adults, very beneficial settlements, verdicts and judgements. We do this by thoroughly analyzing your child’s claim, identifying any and all liable parties and fighting tooth and nail to get your family the benefits and compensation they deserve based on current and future medical care, current and future lost wage compensation (not always applicable in child injury lawsuits as a child may not work depending on their age) as well as pain and suffering compensation.

Child Accidental Death & Wrongful Death Claims

As tragic as it is many child accident and injury claims result in wrongful death. The loss of a child is the most difficult thing any parent will go through. In these cases our child wrongful death attorneys will obtain death and funeral benefits as well as other applicable benefits such as bereavement benefits, loss of child benefits and physical pain and emotional suffering benefits. In addition, any medical costs associated with the accident such as hospitalization, medication costs, surgeries and others will be included in the settlement we will negotiate on your behalf.

Many accident, injury, medical malpractice, medical negligence, mass tort and wrongful death claims resolve in a settlement between your attorney and the liable parties and or their insurance carrier(s). Some cases however warrant going to trial. In no way shape or form are our child injury attorneys afraid of elevating your case to the litigation phase. Over our several decades experience we have won hundreds of very favorable jury verdicts on behalf of injured children and their families. We will apply that same experience, tenacity and courtroom savvy to fight for your rights and get you every penny you are entitled to.

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